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"What a great lunch - the kids loved it!" Private school client


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What does NSLP/NSBP/NSSP stand for?

A:  NSLP - National School Lunch Program
     NSBP – National School Breakfast Program
     NSSP – National School Snack Program


Q: What is "HHFKA?"

A: The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. It was signed into law by President Obama. Implementation was due by July 2012. For more details, click on our HHFKA page.


Q: Does a school have to have their menus certified under the HHFKA, or is it optional?

A: Certification is not an option for schools participating in the National School Lunch Program. It is mandatory. Schools need to be in compliance and will be subject to audits by the Minnesota Department of Education, beginning in the 2013-2014 school year. If your school meal vendor doesn't have certified menus at this point, you are behind. CKC's menus have been certified as meeting the HHFKA requirements. 


Q: Are CKC menus certified under the HHFKA guidelines?

A: Yes! We have many combined K-8 menus and 9-12 menus that are certified - even some tailored to schools' age and ethnic populations. Please contact us to learn more: 651-453-1136.


Q: What is the first month schools can be certified?

A: October 2012 was the first month certification became available. If you have questions about reimbursements, please contact us: 651-453-1136.


Q:  How do we know if we’re part of the National School Lunch Program?

A:  You are part of the NSLP if you have applied for a sponsor ID number from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE); you have students who qualify for free, reduced and paid lunches; and you are submitting for financial claims from Minnesota and the federal government.


Q:  If we participate in the National School Lunch Program, how do we, the school, find out about our responsibilities under the program?

A:  The Minnesota Department of Education offers complementary classes to teach schools about the requirements needed to offer a successful NSLP food service program. 


Q:  If we have a food service vendor or food service management company working with us, do we need to take any classes or do anything regarding the National School Lunch Program?

A:  Yes! MDE and the federal government hold the school, or School Food Authority (SFA), completely responsible for understanding the rules and regulations regarding the NSLP. A contract between your selected vendor or food management company places responsibility in the vendor’s hands, but this basically allows the vendor to end the contract if necessary. The school is the entity responsible for accurate and timely implementation of all NSLP policies. They are the ones “left holding the bag” so to speak, if there are problems with the food program. FOR THIS REASON, CKC TRIES TO IMPART AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE TO EVERY CLIENT SCHOOL, TO HELP THE PARTNERSHIP BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS POSSIBLE.


Q:  What happens if we run out of food or run short on a school meal count for a day?

A: CKC encourages schools to plan proactively to avoid shortages. Our team will provide you with a simple, time-tested plan that ensures your students have food. Contact us for details.


Q: How hard is it to transition both food service and commodities on short notice?

A. Very simple. We're experts in this process and  work with your school to ensure a fast and smooth transition. Call us to see how quickly we can make the switch for your school: 651-453-1136.


Q: Do you have dinner, or evening meals available?

A: Yes - CKC provides at-risk, after-school meals and snacks. Please contact us for details: 651-453-1136.


Q: Do you work with local farmers and agriculture providers?

A: Yes! We have a number of local farmers who provide us with their wonderful food products, under the Farm-to-School initiative. We're continually looking for ways to add locally and sustainably grown foods to our menus at affordable prices. We avoid restructured or reconstituted food products, and never sacrifice quality in pursuit of profit.


Q: Do you have organic menu options?

A: Yes, we do have organic menu options available to school clients. Because we need to purchase organic foods in smaller quantities, there is an additional charge for this service. However, we do have client schools chosing to serve this menu option to their students. Please contact us for more details: 651-453-1136.



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